In theory, if there is a recipe, the cake is supposed to be at least half done. The biggest challenge appears when the cooking process starts and in that moment is realized that having some ingredients doesn’t ensure both a nice looking and a tasteful result. Is needed a special sense, a touch to make your cake the most tasteful and unique, different from others’, one to respond in an effective and performant way to clients’ needs and tastes. But how can you highlight your work, your capability and more than that, become successful long term in an environment where every year new competitors arise and the industry becomes more and more demanding?

As the CEO of a blooming agency in the digital analytics, marketing and web development, Devrun, present for 6 years on the international market, Jonathan Roy thinks that one of the most important ingredients for achieving performance and more important, increasing it during the years is “focusing on success and leaving all the negativity behind”. His recipe caught up the attention of Laval Chamber of Commerce and Industry, one of the reference cities regarding the business environment in Quebec, which considered him and his expertise in the entrepreneurial and business area as one of the most important from Laval region. The other key ingredients for developing a business in a competitive era, along with the importance of the childhood roots in the life of the future successful entrepreneur, according to Jonathan Roy, can be discovered in MAG’s main interview, the monthly magazine published by Laval’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry,