Are you wondering what Web analytics is all about or how this very famous Web marketing strategy can boost your search engine rank and generate more traffic on your website? The Devrun Web agency is specialized in Web analytics and will certainly be able to answer all your questions.

In the Web marketing industry, “Web analytics” refers to all the methods used to collect, measure, and analyze information on the overall behaviour of the visitors on a specific website.

This practice consists in profiling the people who visit your website. Using various techniques, you can determine how they accessed your website, as well as study the actions they carried out once they were on your site.

What are the pages that draw the attention of the most visitors? How much time are they spending browsing your pages/on your website? How many hits did you get in one day/a week/a month? Where are your visitors from?

A Sophisticated Method

Here are a few questions that can easily be answered with Web analytics, a truly sophisticated method that requires both skill and attention to detail. Not just anyone can become a Web traffic analyst, since it requires tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience in natural referencing (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web marketing, and Web development, in order to conduct a thorough analysis of your website traffic statistics.

Devrun has several years of experience in Web analytics and is able to provide you with statistics and data that will help you to lower your bounce rate, i.e. people who visit your site but leave right away, and ensure that your visitors buy your products and services.

Attracting people to your website is not the only thing that matters. Indeed, visitors need to browse your pages, leave their contact information or buy your products and services. This is what is supposed to matter the most for you in the end.

The Purpose of Web analytics

Ultimately, analyzing your Web traffic statistics and collecting data about your audience can help improve your website’s performances. Having a neat website is of no use if you don’t get half the results you expected. If it is not profitable, investing thousands of dollars every year for website design/redesign, maintenance or advertising is useless.

Who Should Use Web Analytics?

Web analytics is a tool that allows you to diagnose ergonomics, browsing, and content relevance issues, as well as many other problems that could prevent you from achieving your business goals. Therefore, it is only natural for any type of company that has a website to assess its overall performance on a regular basis in order to see if it is profitable or if it needs some changes done.

In order to find out more about Web analytics, do not hesitate to contact the Devrun Web agency. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions on the subject.