The Web analytics industry is a booming sector and has become an essential practice for all businesses. These days, Web marketing experts are more and more in demand for business website optimization. Certifications offered by Google Academy were even made available to these experts in order to help them perfect their knowledge. For this reason, the Devrun Web agency will provide you with a brief overview of the course’s content as well as how to sign up for this certification.

Among other things, the Google Academy training program features a free eLearning platform – Analytics Academy – which provides an extensive online training program on Google Analytics and data analysis. Although beginners can easily use Google Analytics, this tool can be very powerful in the hands of skilled users. In addition, this online training program can help you prepare for the Google Analytics exam if desired.

Students passing the exams then get an industry-recognised certificate. These certification exams were designed to assess the knowledge of digital marketers pertaining to good advertising practices recommended by Google.

By obtaining an accreditation, Web analytics experts will be able to contribute directly to their business by making good use of Google Analytics’ full potential and share their knowledge with their colleagues and partners.

Indeed, such an accreditation will give them a privileged status allowing them to suggest new training programs on the Google Analytics platform. This certification training is split into three levels – Intro (101), Intermediate (201) and Advanced (301).

Students can also watch videos about Web analytics provided on the official Google Analytics YouTube channel. The main benefit of this type of training is that the visual format allows for better and clearer explanations.

Brief Overview of the Training Contents

 The online training for the Google Analytics exam is available through the Google Analytics IQ section of the website. You will also have access to the videos accompanying this course.

All chapters are divided in four sections:

-First Steps

-Interpretation of Reports

-Basic Concepts

-In-depth Analysis

All aspects that are essential to perfect the students’ training will be addressed throughout the online training program. The first section is about Metrics. There is a short 8-minute video accompanying this overview of Google Analytics.

The section pertaining to report interpretation gives more details on similar terms used within the Google Analytics platform, as well as information on different kinds of Web traffic and further explanation on Analytics’ “Content” feature.

Basic Concepts are about merging Google Analytics with your Google AdWords account. It also provides useful information about tracking and setting up events and goals. Finally, In-depth Analysis consolidates basic knowledge with advanced notions.

If you wish to obtain more information about Google Academy, do not hesitate to contact the Devrun Web agency. Experts working at Devrun Web agency will be able to answer all of your questions about Web analytics.