One question that our team at Devrun Web Agency gets asked rather frequently deals with Google Analytics APIs. If you have been using Google Analytics for a while now, you may have already come across and been intrigued by APIs. But what are they? Can they be useful for your business or organization? How hard is it to understand what they are all about? API is the short for application programming interface. APIs are programs that teach other programs to interact with each other in a meaningful way. The Google Analytics APIs are diverse, rich, powerful, but approachable.

What do I need APIs for in Google Analytics?

Importantly, yes, it is possible to make a lot of use of Google Analytics without the application programming interface modules, and many companies do work without the APIs (to speak of that, some companies even try to manage without using the powerful analytics tools altogether, but that is a different story).

However, Google Analytics APIs add an extra layer to your capacity to operate and meaningfully implement the analysis of complex data on your Website user base, visitors, interactions with various page components, conversions, e-Commerce and so on and so forth. Google offers the ability to build new APIs built on their provided models, and many top quality products already exist that can make your Google Analytics work much easier and more efficient.

What are Google Analytics APIs used for?

As mentioned before, there are many uses of the diverse Google Analytics APIs available today. They can be employed to send data to the system, measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies, send reports to external systems, automatically manage campaigns, accounts, web properties and AdWords links, conduct experiments, and analyze data that is manifested by all of the above.

Large businesses greatly value the ability to automate or semi-automate the process of registering users, create and configure goals, and administer account and profile permission policies.  As the above lengthy and diverse list of only some of the possible uses vividly demonstrates, Google Analytics APIs can be real time savers, improve team efficiency, and seamlessly and painlessly conduct operations that would otherwise occupy too much valuable staff time.

Importantly, new releases of APIs appear constantly, which makes for an interesting continuous process of mutual growth of numerous businesses employing APIs as part of their search engine optimization and online marketing strategies.

How do I start?

While exploring Google Analytics APIs in general is an exciting and positive exercise, it is certainly best to review your needs before diving too deep into the API world. Google Analytics is a complex multi-layer framework that provides vast amounts of data and almost endless possibilities for further growth and development.

What the APIs do is help human users to make sense of the possibilities and direct the efforts of the analytical system towards the data that is of particular interest to your business or organization. The management, reporting and data collection APIs all work together to ensure a positive experience for every user making the most out of what Google Analytics has to offer.

Do you have more detailed questions or need help with the Google Analytics APIs? Our team of experts at Devrun Web Agency is waiting for your call.