Are you just beginning to familiarize yourself with Web analytics and would like to get some advice on how to improve your overall performance in terms of data collection and traffic analysis using Google Analytics? In order to help you understand how the world’s most famous Web analytics tool works, the Devrun Web agency has prepared an overview of Google Analytics’ Audience reports.

The Core Components

Generally, Google Analytics Audience reports include the following: demographics, areas of interest, language, location, online behaviour, technology, and custom variables.

The Purpose of Collecting Data

The data you collect with the Google Analytics Audience reports are intended to help you know your audience a lot better. You will be able to see who exactly visits your website, and who comes back on a regular basis, or what type of technology and devices are used to access it – desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Since your website traffic is a representative sample of your customer base, Google Analytics’ Audience reports are a great way to directly measure your customers’ interest for a particular product or service offered on your website.

That kind of data is collected in the form of reports and graphics, and they can be accessed anytime via the Google Analytics Shared Library or the Network Display tab.

Knowing your audience type, as well as being aware of its typical online behaviour are two good ways to ensure the success of your business.

How to Use the Data from Your Audience Reports

While the “Demographics” tab provides precise data on the age and the gender of your visitors, the “Areas of interest” tab supplies additional information about your visitors’ areas of interest in order to help you better target your different audience groups when making specific announcements.

The “Language and location” section provides useful information about the language spoken by your visitors, as well as their geographic location. The “Behaviour” tab is where you can see how attractive your website is to Web users. You can see how many new visitors become your customers and see how much profit you make from these new visits compared to profit coming from repeat visitors.

Thanks to all these statistics collected by Google Analytics, you can now modify some of your website settings and components in order to please your target audiences and encourage them to buy your products or call upon your services.

For example, by knowing the age and gender of the people who visit your website more often, you can adapt its content to please this specific type of audience. You could do so by adding pictures and ads that are specially targeted towards this age and gender group, which could help you increase your number of sales. 

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