It is on July the 12th, that Adobe Analytics users will be able to use the Adobe Admin console to manage platform users as well as the authorizations. The primary goal is to migrate existing Adobe Analytics users to Adobe Experience Cloud in stages.

So if you are a system administrator, the Admin Console will provide you a single interface to manage all the users in your organization, no matter what Adobe products they use. You can also add new users to the Admin console using their Adobe ID or corporate credentials.

The benefits of Adobe Experience Cloud migration

By migrating, businesses and users will be able to take advantage of cross-solution workflows and platform-specific rights. They will have the opportunity to manage users and their rights through several connection companies or Experience Cloud solutions through the administration console.

You have until July 12th to confirm your access to Adobe Admin, and then you will be able to see the migration tool and the settings from July 12th to September 12th.

 To learn more about the migration process, please read the complete guide.