We are at a time that Internet users are increasingly worried about their personal data and their online privacy, especially since the resounding scandal involving Cambridge Analytica and Facebook in 2016.

Pages that are visited when your Internet is browsing may unfortunately contain content from other sites than the one you are actually visiting.

In order to preserve your privacy, you can now browse on your search engines without any worries, he will not stock any of your personal information. You just need to install an anti-tracking extension on your browser.

Protection against tracking included by default: Firefox updates in iOS Web browser.

Since six months, the websites cannot capture your personal information unless your consent. It includes the automatic blocking of ads and content, and the browser will not preserve the history of your visited sites. Simply press the menu button and the protection against tracking will appear in the list of default options.

If it is not done already, download now your Firefox updates for iOS and protect your data.