Google Analytics recently introduced a new feature allowing Web analytics professionals to segment paid search traffic. This new classification option divides the traffic originating from Adwords and other paid search advertising into two separate categories: Generic Paid Search and Brand Paid Search.

 Paid search, more than a brand

Generic Paid Search refers to general queries such as coffee machines, etc. Brand Paid Search, on the other hand, refers to more precise queries mentioning the company name such as Nespresso or Nespresso coffee machine for example. In general, searches containing the name of the brand or the company often lead to higher click-through rates and lower CPCs then generic ones. This means that performance metrics can considerably differ for each type of paid search. Thus, it is important to analyse both categories separately.

Google Analytics’ new feature automatically identifies Brand Paid Search clicks. To activate the option on your Google Analytics account, go to “Admin” and select “Manage Brand Terms”. Then, you can accept or decline the suggested brand terms. It is also possible to add additional terms referring to your brands, products, company and trademarks. Google Analytics will include any query or keyword containing a term on this list in the Brand Paid Search channel. Any other query or keyword will be labeled Generic Paid Search.  After identifying your brand terms, you have to create new channels in the Default Channel Grouping. All it takes is to follow the pop-up directions. 

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