After Heartbleed, another security weakness threat the worldwide users. More problematic, it relates to Internet Explorer: The Microsoft's browser. 

Who is affected by the vulnerability ?

The users of Windows XP operating system, including the updates were finalized in early April by Microsoft, will not receive security patch for this problem. 

More data could be hacked and controlled remotely through this loophole computers. More worryingly, the operation of the target fault mainly 9-11 Internet Explorer versions that are only available from Vista and lower bound impact. 

What are the solutions to protect themselves? 

Microsoft indicates it plans to make available a fix "patch" concerning an browser update should be available in the coming weeks. By cons, this solution will only apply to Windows Vista. 

Meanwhile, it is sufficient to use a different browser or take out a free security tool from Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit appointed an effective tool according to the tests that were conducted.