SiteCatalyst has release a new version of its mobile services!

Launched in October 2014, the new release incorporates practical and easy to use mobile marketing features. These new additions allow marketers to better understand and improve user engagement with mobile applications.

The new version provides the following key features:

  1. Sending in-app messages:

Marketing managers can now create, manage and publish messages through the mobile application. This will increase user engagement and interaction with the application.

Messages can be sent depending on different analytical data such as user behavior, location (GPS, iBeacons), etc.

The new version of SiteCatalyst’s mobile services provides predefined templates for messages. These include full screen banners, alerts and local notifications.

  1. Verification of the application:

The Bloodhound tool included in the new release allows marketers to perform QA test case creation and management for application analytics.

  1. Visitor ID Service:

The new release enables the sharing of segments across different solutions by providing a Visitor ID service.

For further information on SiteCatalyst’s mobile services new version, contact Devrun Web Agency.