In the month of January 2019, Adobe Analytics the prominent digital marketing analytics solution provider came up with various new features for February. The motive of Adobe behind introducing these new features, fixes and updates was to provide a better experience to marketers and businesses and to enhance their capability to build more purposeful and rewarding digital marketing campaigns.
Exciting New Features in Adobe Audience Manager:
Let us first share with you various new features introduced by Adobe Analytics in its Audience Manager service and user interface:

Trait-to-Trait Overlap Report

This report returns data related to the number of unique users shared among all your first-party traits and third-party traits.

Segment-to-Trait Overlap Report

It gives back data about the number of unique users shared between a specific trait and a whole segment.

Segment-to-Segment Overlap Report

It returns data pertaining to how many unique users are shared between your segments.

These are some fixes, enhancements and deprecations associated with Audience Manager of Adobe Analytics:
• A user is now able to add recommended traits from the traits recommendation list to segment rules.
• The Dates Through field located on the General Reports page is now needed at the time of running the reports.
• Adobe fixed an issue that caused impressions for previous months to be exhibited at the time of reporting current month usage for some customers.
• It resolved a fault that caused search fields for Segments, Traits, Destinations and Models not to display any results at the time the search terms ended with a backlash (\) character.
• It corrected a snag responsible for displaying of incorrect date in the Payables section of the Feed Usage Report.

Useful Fixes and Updates in Analytics Administration Tools:

Here are some fixes and updates associated with Analytics administration tools that also include implementation and developer (Web Services and SDKs). These are going to be released on February 11, 2019.
In JavaScript 2.11.0;

• Adobe Analytics added support for its new Adobe Opt-in-services functionality in AppMeasurement. (AN-163546)
• It added support for the storage of link tracking data on session-storage. (AN-162272).
• It added support for media streaming kind of Audio Analytics. (AN-173265).

Striking New Features of Advertising Cloud:

Adobe Analytics also brought some new features in its Advertising Cloud which is a platform for managing advertising campaigns across traditional television and digital formats. These were released on January 26, 2018.


Now in its beta phase, a new “Weekly” spend strategy enables marketers and businessmen to maximize weighted revenue while trying to spend a specified weekly amount. This strategy uses automatically day-of-week models and simulations. If you want to use this strategy for a portfolio, you will have to wait till the portfolio has been optimized for at least 2 weeks, and then actively monitor performance and spending till the feature is validated.

Search Campaigns

The Campaigns (Legacy) views are not present in the main menu. For using the legacy views, which will be deprecated in February, users need to go to Search>Campaigns>Campaigns, they have to scroll to the bottom right of the page, and click on the Legacy Campaigns section.

If you are in the legacy views, you can come back to the new views by either opening Search > Campaigns > Campaigns from the main menu or by scrolling to the right and clicking on Click here option to try Adobe’s new campaigns experience.

Search Constraints Beta

Applicable for Google Ads and Bing Ads only, this beta feature lets users constrain bids as per impression share.

Social Beta

This feature enables users to edit the budget as well as the status of multiple ad sets with the help of the Edit button in the toolbar.

Admin and Integration with Adobe Analytics are the other new features introduced in the Adobe Advertising Cloud.

To gain more knowledge about these above mentioned and other new features, fixes and updates brought in various Adobe Analytics services and solutions, you should get in touch with Devrun team.