Google Analytics Help is conceived to take you from the setup process to the more complex capabilities that Google Analytics offers in the clearest manner possible. The home page for the Analytics Help Center offers you nine options: Setup and Basics; Reporting; Accounts, properties, views, and users; Universal Analytics (UA); Data Import; About Google Analytics; Insights from our Technical Support SpecialistsGoogle Analytics Premium; Training and Individual Qualification. Choosing any one of these options opens into a number of topics that can be explored in separate tabs.

A User-friendly Guide

Google Analytics Help is easy to navigate. It addresses the issue you have chosen. At the same time, if there are terms or concepts with which you are unfamiliar, you can bring up explanations in separate tabs. You get the information you need without having to go through explanations of things with which you are already familiar. Google Analytics Help is more user-friendly than most help guides. Rather than simply typing in a keyword, the help options are presented in a way that allows you to see the tool in its entirety. You can easily find what you are looking for, but in the context of the whole Analytics program.

Clear Descriptions

As you enter into Google Analytics Help, the information is presented graphically with clear descriptions. You can see in the Help just what you would be looking at on the actual program. It clearly describes what features are available, how you can generate the reports you are looking for, and how the system can create reports that you may not have considered. There are graphics to help you read the reports that GA will generate on your behalf.

Each option represents a different level of expertise in relation to Google Analytics. For instance, Google Premium provides tools that support enterprise-level analysts. A Premium account offers nine options in addition to the basic tools that are provided free of charge with a basic Google Analytics account. Moreover, it provides access to dedicated support specialists that can help clients to get the most out of the higher processing limit that a Premium level account offers.

Forum Section

At the same time, all users of Google Analytics can benefit from the Forum that is connected to the Help section. There, you can pose questions to other users and enter into discussions about the product in general, including discussing its weaknesses. How are other people using it? What have they discovered? The most active and knowledgeable contributors to the Forum are celebrated at the Top Contributor Summits that take place periodically. The events bring together a community of people from around the world who have become experts in Google Analytics and offer all users the benefit of their expertise.

Of course, it seems easy to us at Devrun Web Agency because we know Google Analytics inside out. As is the case with every discipline, the questions that you pose reflect the level of expertise that you have already achieved. And so, we at Devrun Web Agency can help you not only find answers, but pose new questions. Contact us today to find out more about our services