Google Analytics is a major tool who simplifies the work of the digital marketing analysts and marketers. Here is a list of the essential tools who will support your efforts to debug Google Analytics implementations and to make improvements in your data and reports interpretation.

Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant helps to verify the installation of Google tags on a page and resolve issues in applications such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, AdWords or DoubleClick. The tool will report errors and improvements to the implementation to quickly validate the Website.

Google Analytics Debugger

To ensure the quality of your data, use Google Analytics Debugger. This extension is an analytics tool used by Google Chrome who indicates when the analytic tracking code is incorrect by sending error messages and warnings to the Javascript console. The tool provides information detailed about each tracking tag and sending it to Google Analytics. 

URL Builder

To have control and flexibility in your marketing campaigns, the URL Builder tool is required. The tool is quickly generates custom parameters for URLs in Google Analytics to determine which promotions drive the most traffic and conversions.