They are in the technological age of change at Google Analytics!

In this chilly month of November, here are three different new features of the Web analytics giant.

1. Chart-Specific Calculated Fields in Data Studio

You can now add calculated fields directly to a chart in your report in Data Studio. They allow report writers to create fields that use the same functionality as computed fields in data sources, running on combined data. They allow you to create statistics and dimensions. You can use them in graphs, commands, and other calculated fields.

2. Linker Conversion: Link Between Domains in Google Tag Manager

 If you have multiple domains in Google Tag Manager and you have destination pages and conversion pages, you can now enable linking between them! Thus, when visitors click on an ad or promotion, the conversions will be measured efficiently on all pages.

 The Linker Conversion tag automatically detects ad click information included in the URLs of your conversion pages and saves it to your domain's own cookies.

3. Identification of anomalies 

Google Analytics and Google Analytics for Firebase can now detect anomalies in your analytics so you can search for the cause directly in the user interface.

Anomaly detection is a statistical technique for identifying "outliers" in time series data for a given dimension value or metric.

If you have any questions about Google Analytics, contact the Devrun experts who can help you in your Web analytics projects!