On April 10 , Devrun Web agency hosted a training day for a young student of the ''Programme Jeunes explorateurs d’un jour''  to contribute in one hand, for his guidance approach through practical experience and exceedingly rewarding and secondly, for the succession in the labor market.

Devrun Web agency believe in the next generation

On the same date, nearly 3 000 young people in high school had the chance to make a one-day training in 13 administrative regions participating. 1 500 sponsors have generously hosted interns program and pass on their passion for their job to answer their questions and make them live near the reality of a workplace in which they would like to pursue a career.

The Devrun Web agency contribute to the next generation and be proud participant in 2015 for the third consecutive year. Thank you to the ''Programme Jeunes explorateurs d’un jour''  team for this rewarding experience.