Web Development is not the simplest of jobs around.  It requires a lot of dedication and that has to be combined with the right technical prowess.  Being a thankless job, one tends to spend hours in the background to add life to web designs.  If you are not using the right tools, you can end up spending a considerable amount of time in attending to mundane tasks and activities.  It is, hence, that the most successful developers of today endeavour to look for tools which simplify their process and help them develop robust architectures.

JQuery is the recent addition to development tools.  This scripting library is creating a lot of buzz around itself.  Many developers consider it to be a web development panacea, which helps them solve all problems that they have been facing all this while.  The reasons for such path breaking success of this scripting library have been multi-fold.  Here are some of the reasons which make JQuery the most ideal platform for web development:


Getting started with this scripting library isn’t the most complicated.  All you are required to do is download the JQuery library from the JQuery library link and make a reference of the same in the header segment of your website. On the contrary, you can simply refer to Google’s hosted JQuery Library which makes the process even more lucid.  Therefore, even if you are just about starting off with Web Development, you will easily find your way through the downloading process of the library.


The script can be useful to you in an assortment of different ways.  You can do a lot with its assistance.  Take the example of JQuery Animations.  Animations are among the most popular JQuery applications.  Whether you plan to develop a sliding application or create a slideshow of images and photographs; you can do it all with the help of this script.  On the other hand, you can also create drop down menus of multiple levels.  Moreover, you can send MYSQL queries to your database.  This can be done even without being required to reload the page.  Also, the script makes it possible to create drag and drop interfaces.


Before being made available to the developers, the various components of JQuery are already tested on different browsers.  Therefore, you do not need to test your work on different browsers for compatibility.  All that you are required to do is check on any of the browsers.  If it is working properly with one browser, it is sure to be doing the same with the rest too.  This is a feature which is not available with JavaScript.


Finally, what is also worth noting and quite appreciated is regularity of updates to the JQuery Library.  Very frequently, you will come across updates and addition of new components to the library which can enhance your development.

JQuery, hence, happens to be a sought after tool for web development.