Are you already using Google Analytics and are wondering if an update to Google Analytics Universal is the right choice for you? Google recently introduced new features that will make the behaviour analysis of every single website visitor easier than ever.


The Devrun Web agency is a leading specialist of Web analytics and will give you an overview of Google Analytics Universal’s new features, in order to help you figure out how to use this very useful Web analytics tool and understand how it really works.


A New Way of Collecting Data


Google Analytics Universal is an improved version of the very famous Google Analytics tool. It was launched back in 2012, and then made available to the general public in April 2014. It basically has the same basic features as Google Analytics, but Google Analytics Universal also offers features that allow you to track the online and offline behaviour of your customers from a wide range of devices including smartphones.


As opposed to Google Analytics, Google Analytics Universal does not only collect traffic data coming from desktop computers exclusively, it also tracks all traffic coming from a wide range of sources – mobile applications, websites, point of sales, etc. – and all of this regardless of the device used to access your website.


This means Universal can track offline conversions, but it can also track and analyze all the traffic data that used to escape Google Analytics in its original form.


This new way of collecting data can help you to better meet the needs of your potential clients who tend to use mobile devices more than regular desktop computers to browse the Internet and shop online.


Custom Dimensions and Metrics


Another great improvement is that Google Analytics Universal now allows users to create custom dimensions and metrics to gather specific data on their visitors’ profiles – demographics, location, duration of the session, etc. Webmasters can then choose and design their own segments or statistics, and import all the data they collected in Google Analytics – which does not offer these particular features. The last version only offered predefined variables, but it is now possible to choose and create specific descriptive characteristics or statistics using Google Analytics Universal in order to analyse and track a specific type of behaviour.


More Custom Options


This means that thanks to Google Analytics Universal, webmasters benefit from more freedom in terms of data collection customization. They can now define their own settings based on their product or website and structure their data collection around these aspects. For example, such settings can include: taking into account or ignoring certain factors, analyzing or ignoring a specific type of statistics, etc.


Do you want to know more about all these new features offered by Google Analytics Universal? The Devrun Web agency’s specialists are aware of all the latest developments in the Web analytics industry and can provide you with all the answers you need. For all your Web analytics needs, call upon the Devrun Web agency!