The value of quality research and availability of data was never questioned but its imperativeness to a company’s existence could be contested in the past.  Small and medium companies used to go about making reasonable money without indulging in any form of serious research. 

The advent of internet, however, has brought about a paradigm shift.  The distinction between small and big companies has been blurred and both are being made to compete on the same platform.  It is, hence, that companies are required to be in possession of valuable data to be able to compete and survive in the world of internet.

In such times, Google Analytics happens to be the trusted partner of many companies who thrive on their online existence.  Before we speak about how this tool can bring about a metamorphosis in your site’s performance and marketing, let us first know how to get started with it.  It is reasonably simple.  All you are required to do is to insert the Google Analytics tool on the webpage/s that you want to keep a track of, customize it as per your data requirement and you are ready.  You can now reap the unprecedented benefits of the platform.

Here are some of the many benefits that Google analytics can offer to you:


For years now our religious gurus have been harping upon the virtue of introspection.  While such introspection in personal life is a choice, it isn’t as optional in business.  To be successful, you have to know your business in depth and look at it from the perspective of your existing and prospective customers.  With the help of the Google analytics tool, you find out the most popular pages on your websites, the ones which retain visitors for the longest time and the ones which lose them the fastest, average visit duration and much more.  Based on this data through analytics, improvement can be made to the existing structure.  If you own an ecommerce store, you can find out the product which is attracting the most visitors and the one which is selling the most.  All of this will help you plan better.


Google analytics tracking can extend its horizon to also offering you such details as the browsers from which your website is visited the most.  Different browsers might pull up your site differently.  In fact, your website’s appearance and compatibility might differ with different versions of the same browser too.  Attending to browser compatibility, or lack of it, is a major challenge as it takes many rounds of trial and error.  Now that you know the most important browsers and their versions for your website, you would be able to save on your time by majorly concentrating those for compatibility.


Whenever you seek Google analytics tips from experts, you will always be told to use it most efficiently for keyword selection.  Keywords are those phrases for which you optimize your web pages so that these pages feature in the top results when their respective phrases are searched for on search engines.  However, the days of guessing relevant keywords are passé.  This is the time when you use Google Analytics Tracking to shortlist keywords which are most searched in your industry and the ones which generate the highest click through rate for your website.  This data can even be analyzed on the basis of the demographics and location of the searchers.


Another room for analytics improvements is in the selection of your target market.  With the help of Google Analytics Tracking, you can know about the visitors to your website, their frequency of returning to the site and much else about them.  You can also assimilate such crucial information as the source of your visitors.  Are they coming directly to you or through referral websites or search engines?  The answer to this will help you know your strong and weak areas of generating website traffic.

Google Analytics is hence an indispensable part of modern day companies.