The Devrun Web agency would like to tell you about the latest developments in the area of Web analytics. Through its Web analytics tool – Google Analytics – Google has largely improved the application of its functions.

Indeed, new features incorporated in Google Analytics now allow users to modify the way data is recorded and organized in their Google Analytics account. With these new additions, users now benefit from a more precise knowledge of their website visitors’ online behaviour.

First, the User ID is a universal characteristic of Google Analytics and can be used to access several sessions as well as multiple interactions inside these sessions. By using a unique identifier, all data associated to Google Analytics as well as all interactions consigned in a report are all linked to a sole ID.

In this manner, the use of a unique identifier allows you to get a more precise count of all the visitors accessing your website, thus helping you get a better understanding of their online behaviour.

A More Flexible Tracking Code

Furthermore, Google Analytics’ new tracking code is more flexible, which enables you to gather data from any connected device. Three new versions of the code have been added to adapt the tool to your specific technical needs. You can use the JavaScript analytics.jss library for websites, Google Analytics SDKs for mobile applications tracking and measurement protocol for other connected devices such as gaming consoles and information booths.

All new data-recording methods are user-friendly and help improve your experience with Web analytics. They enable developers to configure and customize their tracking code more easily. More specifically, the tracking function for several domain names is a lot more simple and precise.

More Configuration Options

In addition to all of these new features, Google Analytics offers many more configuration options than it used to and you can access them all on your account’s “Admin” page. You can then configure your application according to natural search sources, management of session and campaign duration, exclusion of website referrals, as well as exclusion of specific search terms.

You also have the option of developing customized variables and statistics that are specifically adapted to data collection pertaining to your business. Customized dimensions and metrics are similar to default dimensions and metrics, but you can configure them according to the type of analysis you wish to carry out. Proceeding in this manner allows you to collect data that is not automatically tracked by Google Analytics.

Finally, the new Universal Analytics operating standard will soon be mandatory for all Google Analytics accounts. However, this new obligation is beneficial for all users, since the new features will help enhance the user-friendliness of Web analytics tools and overall experience.

If you wish to get more information on Web analytics in general or on Google Analytics’ new operating standards specifically, do not hesitate to contact the Devrun Web agency. A whole team of experts will be pleased to provide you with sound advice and information on the ever-changing world that is Web analytics.