Good news! If you own a Web site in Google Analytics, you do not need to manually check your site in the Google Search Console. Google will do it automatically for you in the coming months!

People with access to the Google Search Console will receive emails and problem notifications, including manual actions, hacking attempts, WordPress alerts, and accidental Googlebot blocking, for example.

The console gives you access to information that can be critical to your site's performance, it makes it easier to access to your data in the console, to discover problems faster, and learn more about your website's opportunities in your organization in Google Search.

How to be eligible for an automatic verification?

There is no longer need to manually configure the search console and analyzes. In order to be eligible for an automatic verification, you have to comply with the existing ownership requirements. You can also remove the property from the console so that it does not check.

How does your site work on Google Search?

Once verified, the Search Console compiles the website's performance reports, including search queries, website rankings and clicks and impressions. There is also information about site indexing, the different features status, as well as reports and notifications of critical issues.

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