Many experts working in the Web analytics industry are certified by the Google Academy. The Devrun Web agency is aware of the importance of providing useful information about these types of certifications and has therefore prepared an overview of the content and the requirements of this particular training. Web analytics is a soaring field and acquiring a Google Academy certification is certainly of utmost interest and value.

Google Academy offers quality online training on various Web analytics practices. The main goal of these programs is to provide Web marketing experts with premium quality information on Google Analytics.

These programs consist of a series of video classes, along with reading materials and discussion boards. These boards allow you to discuss with and learn from Google experts, Web analytics specialists as well as your fellow students.

This training was especially designed for Web analysts and professional digital marketers who wish to better understand the principles behind Web analytics, as well as improve their knowledge of Google Analytics.

The very first step of this training is to start with Digital Analytics Fundamentals, a course offered by Analytics Academy.  You can access this program for free, without any restrictions. Furthermore, there is no set period required to complete this course, which means you can learn at your own pace.

When you are ready, the only thing left to do is to access the Google Academy exam portal and take an online test. The cost of the Google Analytics exam is $50; the total time allowed for the test is 1:30. The language used for this test is, of course, English.

How to become a Certified Partner

When you pass the test, you get an official Google Analytics certification that confirms that you indeed have in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics. You can also put links that point to your test results on your personal and professional websites. However, the Google Analytics certification does not make you a Google Analytics certified partner.

In order to become a certified partner, Google Academy offers to any business providing Web marketing services the opportunity to obtain the GACP title. Businesses eligible to this title have to meet several strict requirements. The complete list of GACP businesses is available on the Google Analytics website in the Google Analytics Certified Partners section.

In other words, all certifications related to Web analytics offered by Google Academy are accessible to everyone who wishes to perfect their knowledge in this specific field. Online courses and training allow you to learn at your own pace and pass the exam leading to the Google Analytics certification. All Web analytics experts who are certified are guaranteed to have in-depth knowledge of Google analytics.

This online training allows Web analytics experts to fully exploit Google Analytics and its features within their business, in order to optimize their website’s overall performance.

If you need further information about Web analytics, do not hesitate to contact the Devrun Web agency. Its expertise is recognised in the industry and Devrun Web agency’s professionals are here to share their knowledge with you.