Google Analytics has introduced a new feature and is now able to ignore visits from bots. This new filter option will allow website managers to have more accurate traffic statistics. Indeed, robots inflate the number of visits and bounce rates while decreasing the average length of sessions. They also distort conversion rates. Moreover, visits from these automated bots can sometimes represent one-third of the traffic.

Activate the fonction in Google Analytics

To activate the option on your Google Analytics account, go to the "Admin" section and select “View Settings”. Then, check the box that reads: “Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders” option. This way, the bots included in the Spiders and Bots List of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) will be removed from Google Analytics.

Statistics may drop after activating the new feature, however the new data will be more reliable. Indeed, webmasters will have a better idea of the actual Web traffic. It is important to note that although this filter function eliminates a great amount of artificial visits, it does not exclude all traffic originating from robots. Therefore, the data will be more accurate, but not necessarily perfect.

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