How do you know who is visiting your Website? Where do they live? What language do they speak? How do they arrive at your site? What do they do while they are there? How do they navigate the site? When do they leave? Have they been to your site before?

We at Devrun Web Agency are recognized by Google as experts in Google Analytics. We can help you use Google Analytics to answer those questions – and many others – using graphic displays that are both informative and visually attractive. Google Analytics allows you to check Website traffic in keeping with what you want to know. It is conceived to respond to your needs, organizing data on your visitors according to the parameters that you establish. Let's look at a few examples.

Find Out How People Are Navigating Your Website

First, if you have a Website, you can sign up for Google Analytics in a matter of minutes. They provide you with a piece of code that you embed into the pages of your Website. That code allows Google Analytics to compile a mountain of information about visitors to your site. There is a small percentage of visitors that cannot be tracked as a result of their choice of browser or the use of blocking codes.

Google Analytics allows you to discover how people are navigating your Website. You can set the parameters of the Analytics to tell you what you want to know. How many hits does each page receive? How are visitors arriving at any specific page? How long do they stay on each page? Where are they going from there? You may be surprised to find what content people are attracted to. Google Analytics generates attractive according to the parameters you choose. 

Data Manipulation

For instance, under Audience, Google Analytics offers a graphic that shows you the flow of visitors. You can manipulate the data however you like. For instance, you can choose to see how people from different countries navigate your Website. A flow chart will show you how the traffic that entered your Website from the United States continued: it graphically shows the different percentages that flowed to different pages on your Website. Or, you can focus on one page to find out from whence the traffic entered that page and where it went afterwards.

You can easily spot when people exited your Website, from what page. This can be done for all countries. (Or, if you prefer, you can sort the data according to the city they live in, the search engine they use, the language they speak, their screen resolution, what keyword brought them to your site, the device they use, and so on.)

Of course, the data cannot interpret the results. Did people leave because they found what they wanted? Or because they were unhappy with the content? Do the results tell you that the content is bad or that you are attracting the wrong audience? It may not be the content that is faulty, but you may not be finding the people who would appreciate what you are offering. With the data that Analytics provides, you can decide what you need to do to strengthen your business, your Website.

Better Analyze the Effect You Are Having

For commercial Websites, good analysts can use the data to increase their sales and target the most interested customers. Since Google Analytics tells you when traffic to your Website is the result of a referral, you can go to the Website to see what people are saying. All of this allows you to better analyze the effect you are having.

The data captured can be arranged to produce the reports that are meaningful to you. As you get to know the tool, you discover that if you can frame a question, it can provide an answer, and in a direct and engaging way. Do not hesitate to contact the Devrun Web agency now. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions.