SiteCatalyst is the Web analytics tool of Adobe, meaning that it is at the centre of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. All of the tools that generate the reports necessary to establish marketing strategies depend on SiteCatalyst. It allows marketers to check Website traffic: to know how visitors arrive at a Website, how they use it, and when they leave.

In other words, the data provided by Adobe SiteCatalyst, when analyzed effectively, can allow you to know how your Website is working. Are visitors using your Website the way that you want them to use it? Most practically, SiteCatalyst can help you to identify what you need to change to achieve the results you want. And Devrun Web Agency can help you to use SiteCatalyst.

Traffic Analysis

At the most basic level, SiteCatalyst tells you how much traffic is coming into your site. However, the way it accomplishes that also allows it to collect other data that, in the aggregate, can tell many stories about how your Website is working. When someone visits a website, the Web server sends to the visitor's computer a page that includes the SiteCatalyst code. This page then compiles various data concerning the visitor's navigation as well as information about the visitor's browser, location, and other attributes. This page of information is then sent directly to the Omniture site, without being routed through the Web server. Omniture then stores the data, making it available to generate a number of reports.

Behaviour Analysis Online

You can see what is happening on the visitor's device. SiteCatalyst can aggregate the date and show you what pages on your Website people are visiting, what videos they are watching. Basically, what people are doing once they arrive at your site. There is a lot of information culled and so a good analyst can pull from it what he needs to know. The data can also tell an analyst how visitors get to the site, on what device, by what referral, and so on. What products are they buying? When? When do they leave your site? Are you losing visitors at an inopportune moment? Are they getting to the content that you want them to see? Are they returning to your site?

Digital analysts tend to use Google Analytics for information that needs to be collected quickly and easily. However, when they want to probe more deeply, they often find SiteCatalyst more helpful. SiteCatalyst requires a custom implementation and allows you to capture data through a great number of variables. It can tell you more about individual visitors than other tools. For instance, if your Website is composed of a number of sub-sites, SiteCatalyst is able to prepare reports for each, allowing you to analyze how the parts of your Website may be working together, or in opposition. A good digital analyst can read these sub-reports for clues as to how to channel visitors to the strongest content. For commercial sites, this may be crucial.

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