Want to measure your website’s overall performance but do not know which targeting and optimization software to use between Adobe Test & Target and Google Web Optimizer? The Devrun web agency specializes in Web analytics and can provide you with useful advice in order for you to reach your business goals more rapidly.

In the past, targeting and optimization tests have proven to be efficient more than once. Indeed, without the proper tools, webmasters and other marketing experts have no way to measure the performance of a website. They cannot see which elements generate more interest, in order to boost productivity.

That is why, in the last few years, most Web analytics tools were developed. Some of these tools were created by two Web giants – Adobe Test & Target by Adobe, and Google Web Optimizer by no other than Google. The latter has been replaced in 2012 by Google Analytics Content Experiments.

Isolating Variable

Given their multiple features, these multi-test tools can help webmasters and website administrators to run an in-depth analysis of their website using A/B tests or multi-variable tests. They can see how some specific variables – such as the color, the font or the location of a shopping cart used for a specific page – influence the online behaviour of Internet users. Isolating variables makes it a lot easier to see what works, what attracts visitors as well as what prevents click conversion.

If you are still new at Web analytics, it’s recommended that you choose Google Analytics Content Experiments. First, because it is a free tool, second, because it is user-friendly and very easy to use. Also, since it is embedded in Google Analytics, Google Analytics Content Experiments can allow you to run a wide range of tests and in-depth analysis that are useful to determine the general behaviour of your visitors.

This particular analytics software version not only enables you to run multi-variable and A/B tests, but also A/B/N tests that can test up to six different versions of a same page by modifying up to five variables at a time. It also allows you to run a live analysis of your customers’ overall online behaviour and see what type of content is more profitable to reach your business goals.

Updated Version

Google Analytics Content Experiments is an updated version of Google Web Optimizer that offers more customization features – such as the A/B tests settings – that its predecessor. For more information on the features offered by Google Analytics Content Experiments, click here

Content Targeting

However, this updated version of Google Web Optimizer is not as sophisticated and efficient as Adobe Test & Target – Adobe’s paid software. As its name indicates, it can test your Web pages’ overall performance, but it can also divide your hits in different groups in order to push personalized Web content to a specific group of users.

That is mainly why we recommend that Web analytics experts use Adobe Test & Target – it is, after all, the most efficient targeting tool on the market. Pricing varies depending on your website’s average traffic. For more information on the features offered by this great tool, click here.

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