Since the announced in March 2017 of the new Adobe Launch platform, there is frequently questions about the Tag Management tool.Here some questions to demystify the benefits of Launch and why you should migrate from DTM to Launch.

What is Launch?

Adobe Launch is the next-generation of Tag management platform built in the Adobe Cloud Platform. The tool suited better to your needs than DTM on several levels:Performance, speed, functionality, security Launch is an open and sustainable ecosystem where anyone can build their own integrations and can deploy to their sites. Here the basic Launch workflow in Launch:

  • Set up groups and users.

  • Log in

  • Create a property

  • Install extensions

  • Create data elements and rules

  • Test in your dev environment

  • Promote to production

 Here an introduction to Launch by Rudi Shumpert, an Adobe Expert, who present the tool. 

Why migrate from DTM to Launch?

There are several reasons to migrate from DTM to Launch, here some of them:

  • You have 3 options in the approval Workflow (Development, Staging and Production)

  • You can now create as many development environments as needed

  • You will have better flexibility in Users Permissions

  • There are at most Number of Data elements types

  • There is no limitation for the HTML Injection and more.

Please, take a look on this blog article to know more about all the differences between the tools.

When can I migrate to Launch?

Whenever you are ready to move to Launch, you can proceed before January 12, 2021. Adobe tried to make it as easy and automated as possible.If you need assistance regarding the Launch migration, we can propose you the best solution for your company. Please contact us for a consultation to know more about how we work together. Do not miss the boat and watch that funny video who introduce you our idea on the topic!

What are the capabilities of Launch vs DTM?

Launch offers 4 major features that DTM does not have:

  • Deploy non-Adobe client-side browser technologies quickly and easily

  • Enterprise-grade publishing

  • Robust approval workflows

  • Granular rights management

 Does Launch support dynamic data Layers?

Launch do support an extension that specializes in listening of changes in dynamic data Layers. 

Will Launch performance is better than DTM?

Launch is definitively designed to improve performance of Web sites :

  • There is 33 percent reduction in code weight compare to DTM

  • You can deliver faster Web pages without compromising experiences.

 Which browsers does Launch support?

Here the browsers support in the Launch client-side libraries:

  • Chrome (latest)

  • Safari (latest)

  • Firefox (latest)

  • Internet Explorer (10 and above)

  • iOS Safari (latest)

  • Android Chrome (latest)

DTM support older versions, but most of the Adobe users offers better user experiences using recent browsers.

Does launch work on mobile?

Yes it works on mobile. Here the steps to create a mobile property:

  1. Click 

    New Property

  2. Type a name and select Mobile as the platform. If needed, you can change the privacy and HTTPS settings later.

  3. Locate the new property in the Properties list and open it.

If you have concerns or more questions about migrating on Launch, please feel free to contact us for further information.