Adobe announced earlier in July an improved deletion of the audience called Suppression in Adobe Audience Manager. It offers a streamlined workflow and better control of segmentation capabilities. This feature automatically removes users from a segment when they are no longer qualified for a predetermined experience. It improves the user experience and efficiency by reducing unnecessary ad impressions.

Two beneficial use cases for customers

There are two use cases for Adobe Audience Manager customers with online conversion goals or brand exposure goals:

• Customers who have an online conversion event as a marketing goal can remove users from the marketing campaigns on their different devices instantly after the conversion event.

• For customers who have branded frequency cap rules in place, they can ensure that users are immediately removed from targeted campaigns.

 You can consult the Adobe Audience Manager Help Guide for more information.

Adobe Audience Manager Recommendations

For an accurate reporting, it is essential that the segments using Profile Merge Rules that contain a device graph are properly configured.

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