The Devrun Web agency is a team of seasoned specialists working in the Web analytics industry who are also committed to providing useful content on their area of expertise. The following blog post is about the various Adobe certification programs and the benefits pertaining to this kind of training.

Adobe offers three certifications that will most likely interest those who wish to perfect their knowledge of IT. These three Adobe certifications lead to the following titles: Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), Adobe Certified Expert for developers (ACE) and Adobe Certified Associate (ACA).

The Adobe certification leading to the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) title allows these experts to learn specific skills and gain essential knowledge on one or more Adobe software products. This Adobe certification offers two separate programs, namely that of Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and Adobe Certified Professional (ACP).

In order to become an ACE, you must pass the exam after attending the training. These exams can focus on one or more Adobe software products. When students pass theses exams, they must agree to the ACE status terms and conditions.

If you are a developer and wish to perfect your knowledge, your Adobe certification will provide you with a developer’s Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) title.

This program focuses on developing solutions with LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, ColdFusion or Flex software. You must however make sure to meet the certification requirements as well as demonstrate your proficiency and expertise with Abode’s products and development technologies.

Finally, the Adobe certification leading to the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) title consists in a program that will enhance your knowledge of Adobe’s major products. With this title you will master communication software designed to plan, develop, establish and manage effective communications through different digital media.

The path leading to these Adobe certifications features accessible premium quality training offered by Adobe itself. Online training featuring useful demos and tutorials strongly facilitates the learning process.

The Many Benefits of Adobe Certifications

Being Adobe Certified provides multiple benefits to everyone who follows the training program and successfully passes the exams. It is a major asset if you wish to edge out your competitors. It is also a nice addition to any CV, and can contribute to opening doors and create a whole new set of opportunities.

These certifications provide an additional perk to professionals working in the industry. Indeed, being associated to a prestigious brand such as Adobe can only be beneficial.

For a business itself, Adobe certifications are a guarantee of quality when looking for new clients. Managers benefit from these certifications as well – they are very useful to target the right employee for a specific position. It can also be a great tool to assess the level of proficiency with Adobe software products for any applicant to a vacant position.

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