We are recommending the following Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture SiteCatalyst) implementation process. Our Web agency has completed multiple Web analytics implementations with Adobe Marketing Cloud products. Thus, we are able to share best practices and ensure that your Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture SiteCatalyst) implementation will satisfy your Web analytics requirements (KPIs). We can help you with props, eVars and events!

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1 Define Analytics Requirements

We help your organisation defining the proper Web analytics requirements and key performances indicators for Adobe SiteCatalyst(Omniture SiteCatalyst). Also, our Web agency ensures that best practices would be applied during the implementation. This step is critical to build properly your Adobe SiteCatalyst reports and dashboards.

2 Global Tracking and Solution Design

Devrun creates an Adobe SiteCatalyst solution design document to list all parameters involved in your Adobe SiteCatalyst implementation. We want to ensure your Adobe SiteCatalyst props, eVars, events, online campaigns, traffic sources and different web channels are reporting as expected with a global tracking view.

4 Scalable Implementation

During the Adobe SiteCatalyst implementation, our Web agency can support you by providing the JavaScript using a data layer to facilitate the integration with a Tag Management System or within your Content Management System such as Adobe CQ5. Devrun has a solid experience with the following Tag Management System and can definitely implement your Web analytics solution:

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Google Tag Manager
  • Ensigthen Ensighten Tag Management solutions
  • Tealium Tealium

3 Technical instructions

We know how important it is to implement properly Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture SiteCatalyst). Moreover, you also want to make sure your Adobe SiteCatalyst solution is scalable considering best practices. Our Web agency can help you by providing technical instructions for your team and delivering a Web analytics implementation guide for Adobe SiteCatalyst.

5 Data Integrity Validation

Our Web agency can build test plans to validate the different scenarios within your Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture SiteCatalyst) implementation. Data integrity validation is critical to ensure your Adobe SiteCatalyst data is reporting properly and based on your initial analytics requirements.

  • Custom Web analytics validation tool
  • Adobe Data Warehouse
  • Adobe Discover

6 Optimization and Testing

Building dashboards for your different business units, creating custom reports or an external application to pull your Adobe SiteCatalyst data through Adobe SiteCatalyst API are common tasks at Devrun. Depending your Web analytics maturity model, we may support you to go deeper in your Web optimization and testing by behavioural targeting using Adobe Test&Target or related Adobe Marketing Cloud products.

  • Adobe Test & Target
  • Adobe Search Center
  • Google Webmaster Tool Google Webmaster Tool
  • Google Content Experiments
    (Google Website Optimizer)
    Google Content Expirements
  • Google AdWords Google Content Expirements

Our Web agency specialized in Web analytics can help you achieving a complete Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture SiteCatalyst) implementation that will be scalable, global, standardized and satisfy your Web analytics requirements.

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